Sunday, November 13, 2011

C4K# Part One

Mrs. Yollis'class blog does a great job demonstrating the positive effects technology can have on students. Mrs. Yollis is a third grade teacher in a suburban area of Los Angeles, CA. Her students absolutely love blogging. Mrs. Yollis has given her students a voice which can be heard around the globe. Her class blog has been visited over 75,000 times. The students have been able to blog and post videos that receives global feedback and collaboration. Skyping with Australia is something I could have never imagined doing at seven years old. She has shown her dedication to being technologically willing to do anything for the benefit of her students by taking the time to attend the Google Geo Teachers'Institute at the Google home office. Her video on Google earth showed how her students could view 3D images of buildings right there in Los Angeles.

As a veteran, I really enjoyed the veterans video on her class blog. I think it is great that she is introducing her students to veterans of our nation's armed forces. In short, Mrs. Yollis' class blog offers students, parents, and teachers an opportunity to teach learn and evaluate to the maximum extent.

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