Friday, August 26, 2011


Blog post #1

Hello, my name is Kevin Hutchinson. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama, and my professional journey has been an interesting one. When I graduated Jackson High School in 2003, I joined the U.S. Navy because I hated the idea of four more years of school. Also, I had a desire to get as far away from home as possible. I definitely achieved that objective spending four years on a the destroyer USS Arleigh Burke. I was stationed in Norfolk, VA and saw plenty of the world from 2003 to 2007.
My time in the navy also introduced me to the love of my life. I decided to leave the navy to start a more stable life suitable for a family. And after a total of six years of being hard headed about going to college I decided to use my GI Bill to get an education. My Mother taught English for 35 years, and her passion for teaching has inspired me to become a history teacher. I work 40 hours a week on a night shift at a chemical plant and take a full load every semester. I think the navy might have been easier! However, I am glad I am here getting an education, and my goal is to use my my journey and education inspire and educate the future generations of the of young Americans.

Randy Pausch on Time Management:

Randy Pausch's take on American time management is something that everyone really knows, but they probably do not want to admit it. He is absolutely correct about us finding reasons not to do something. I really liked his idea of doing "the right thing" without worrying so much about if I have done it right or not. I am personally guilty of doing this. I will avoid a task in fear of messing it up.
Pausch's video illustrates the effectiveness of having a plan. And if you take on those tough tasks immediately, the challenge will help you learn a great deal. It is better to do something and learn from your mistakes than never get anything done and learn very little.

Monday, August 22, 2011


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