Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blog Post#12

EDM 310 has been an interesting class thus far. It has also been a bit of an eye opener. I have spent the semester championing the term technologically “willing.” At the start of the semester I will admit to being technologically “unwilling.” However, I have really found blogging to be quite useful. As we have noticed throughout the semester, blogging gives the student and the class a worldwide audience. Blogging creates a never ending “wormhole” of learning. It enhances creativity and helps develop good writing skills.

But, I do believe the assignments were centered too much around elementary education majors. We watched a lot of videos and commented on many kids and teachers blogs. Most of it was elementary in nature or simply not very specific at all. I do not think they were bad assignments. In fact they were all very interesting; they gave me an opportunity to experience new things. But, I think there should be a blog assignment that is teacher specific. For example a secondary education history major should come up with a blog assignment they would assign their future students. This blog assignment should focus on giving us an opportunity to practice creating helpful tasks for our future students at whatever level we plan to teach.

As a secondary history major, I would like to make the study of primary historical documents the center of the high school history class. Primary documents are rarely studied in depth at the high school level, which leaves major firsthand accounts out of the lesson. The study of firsthand accounts throughout history is essential in understanding history instead of just memorizing names and dates to regurgitate later for an exam. I want my future students to use blogging to respond to a primary document they have been assigned.

Instructions for new EDM 310 assignment:
Think of a blog assignment for your future students. Create this assignment based on the level and subject you plan to teach. For example, if you plan on teaching high school history, come up with an assignment relevant to a subject you would discuss with your students.

The assignment I want my future students to do is a primary document analysis following these criterion:
Compare and contrast the following documents: Bacon's Declaration in the Name of the People, 30 July 1676 and Governor William Berkley on Bacon’s Rebellion, 19 May 1676.
1. Identify and explain both men’s methods of gaining support for their arguments.
2. Is this a political or social rebellion?
3. After reading and analyzing these two documents, who do you believe to be the victims, if there are any?

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