Sunday, November 20, 2011

Additional Assignment

I recently did a post on Tom Johnson's post Don Let Them Take the Pencils Home. Pencils were a metaphor for computers, and I was informed that I missed it. I would not say I totally missed it. My mistake was failing to address it as a metaphor in my post. I understood it, I just did not say it right. I called it sarcasm. I probably said this because of the amount of sarcasm I have experienced in EDM310.

I do think metaphors are a comfortable way to explain and discuss certain topics. My Grandmother always referenced the Bible when giving her children advice. And just the other day my Dad told me I was "straining out gnats and swallowing camels" Matthew 23:24. He meant that I was worrying too much about petty stuff and ignoring important things.

As educators, we can help our students by using metaphors, but we should never assume that everyone is going to catch them. And when they don't, the student needs to know it is okay. We can then explain the metaphor, and give an assignment on metaphors, such as the on Dr. Strange has assigned to me. Metaphors are important, and they make good brain exercise.

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