Sunday, September 11, 2011

Google Presentation


  1. Hey kevin
    Thanks for the comment and yes i do play sprots, I play Basketball,Soccer and Rugby. I really like these photos of your hometown.

  2. Kevin,
    I agree with what you stated about peer editing.

    Is it Okay to be Technologically illiterate teacher? Kevin,I must agree with you on a great statement you made when you stated "that teachers must be willing and eager to seek out the tools that will prepare their students for the future."

    Gary's Social Media Count-another great point you have-as educators we cannot get left behind because our students future is at risk.

    A Vision of Students Today- another good point that stood out, such as if time is wasted,it is because the student wastes it. Good Summaries.

  3. It was good to learn more about you! Did you know Google Docs Presentation can be converted to PowerPoint and can read PowerPoint documents? And it is free. Instructions are in Google's Help area.