Thursday, October 20, 2011


For this week's comments for teachers, I visited William Deyamport's peoplegogy blog. I watched his video on advice for new teachers. I found his advice interesting because of its relevance to what I have learned in EDM310. He is an 11 year veteran in the education field, and that makes his advice credible. In his video, he encourages new teachers to take advantage of the new technologies that are dictating our students' world.

Hello Mr. Deyamport, my name is Kevin Hutchinson, and I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. I am not a teacher yet,but I hope to be one soon. The EDM310 class I am in right now is changing all the perceptions I used to have about becoming a teacher. And you touched on some of the things that have entered the education world, such as social networking, that have really caused me to rethink my approach to becoming a good teacher. After taking this class and watching videos such as yours, I totally agree with your ideas on using technology for the 21st century student's best interest.

My Second comment for Dr. Deyamport was about his "Anti-Bucket List." Dr Deyamport developed a list of things he would never do. We often make lists of things we want to do. I think this is a great idea for remembering how to exclude the negative things we may do unintentionally. As a future educator, I especcially liked his number item on the list, never hanging on to negativity. If we expect our students to remain positive, we must always give off a positive vibe in our classroom.

Hello Dr. Deyamport,
My name is Kevin Hutchinson,and I am a student in EDM310 at the University South Alabama. Your Anti-Bucket List is awesome. I also think that 2k for a laptop is insane, and I am tired of apple people telling me to buy one. Personally, I would have that in the top five of my bucket list. Your numbers 1,2,and 6 would be my 1,2,and 3. As a teacher, I feel staying positive is a must, and is definitely worthy of a number one ranking on any list. I may develop my own "Anti-Bucket List."

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